Here are answers to our frequently asked questions.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. We are open 24 hours, 365 days a week. That also means our shuttles are always operating to and from the airport at all hours.

Q. How far is Park SFO from the San Francisco International Airport?

A. The Park SFO facility is 3 miles North of the Airport, which is a 7 minutes shuttle ride.

Q. When should I arrive at Park SFO before my flight?

A. You should allow at least 15-20 minutes for parking your car and taking our shuttle to the airport.

Q. How often do the shuttles come around?

A. We operate one of the most efficient shuttle service at the airport. Our shuttles usually come around every 5 minutes.

Q. Where do I get pick up when I return from my trip?

A. Pick up area is the same as the drop off area at the airport. Please look for the “Off Airport Parking” sign and waiting booth on the departure level. The curb is painted blue and white.

Q. Do you have valet parking?

A. We offer outdoor and indoor valet parking. Valet parking on average save our customers 10-15 minutes each trip.

Q. What are your rates?

A. Indoor Self Park – $17.95, Roof Self Park – $17.95, Outdoor Valet – $21.95 and Indoor Valet – $23.95.  All rates are daily, Park SFO does not have hourly rates.

Q. Is my car safe?

A. Our garage is under 24/7 video surveillance and around the clock security checks.

Q. How do I get free day coupons?

A. Click on the “Coupon Tab” for free day coupons.

Q. Can you accommodate large trucks or vans?

A. Our surface parking area can accommodate large trucks or vans.

Q. What is the height limit of your garage?

A. The maximum height for indoor parking is 6 feet and 11 inches. For larger vehicles, we can accommodate them on our surface parking area.

Q. Do you accept reservations?

A. Currently we are not accepting reservations. If all parking stalls are occupied, we will provide outdoor valet at $16.95 a day.  We will always have outdoor valet available.

Q. Do you have electric car charging stations?

A. Yes we do!  Just valet your car with us, let us know you need a charge and we will take care of the rest.

Q. Do you offer car washes and detailing?

A. Yes we do, this service is only available to indoor valet customers.

Q. What happens if I lose my parking or valet ticket?

A. There is a $15 lost ticket fee.  The fee is to cover the administrative cost to ensure we are handing the valet car to the rightful owner, search key inventory to locate the correct key and the entry time has been verified.

Q. What happens if I find damage on my car?

A. Park SFO is not responsible for any damages on self parked vehicles.  All self park customers park at their own risk.  For valet customers, please inspect your vehicle before you leave the facility.  If you find damages, please report it to the on duty supervisor and complete a claims report.  Our claims department will get in touch with you after a thorough investigation.  All claims made after the car has exited Park SFO will not be honored.

Q. Do you have to be a member to park at Park SFO?

A. No, we are open to the public. We do offer many special perks to Park SFO members. Find out more details about our membership.

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